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Amazing Local Craft Shows and Festivals for Weirdos.

The Best Events Entertainment Agency Out There

Step into the shadows with Moonshadow Events LTD! Founded in 2018, we have been proudly showcasing small businesses and local crafters since our first event: The Addams Family Christmas Bazaar. We are now expanding to include local musical talent, so come along and experience something truly unique!

Get to Know Our Team

At Moonshadow Events LTD., we specialize in creating unique public community events that celebrate the goth subculture. Our festivals are a safe haven where individuals can freely express themselves and share their love for all things dark and mysterious. We work with talented local artists and performers to bring unforgettable experiences to our attendees, leaving them with memories that last a lifetime.

DJ Nokturne


Incredible Talents

Band Metalon Performing at Seescape


Best of the Best

Teresa The Swamp Hag


The Sickest Performers

All Videos

All Videos

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