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Come advertise with us!

Advertise with us through sponsorship for our goth craft shows and festivals! Our first event in 2018 went viral and was a great success, reaching thousands of people. Sponsoring us is a great way to bring awareness to your brand and help support small, local artists and crafts. We host many unique goth, punk, rock, and metal cultural events which are both diverse and welcoming to the public. Our events are the perfect opportunity for you to promote your brand and make a positive impact on the community. Join us today!

Our Sponsorship Packages

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Why We Need Sponsors

Sponsors are an essential part of our free community craft shows and festivals. Without them, we wouldn't be able to host bigger events, or keep vendor fees low. Sponsors help small businesses get a start, and help low income and vulnerable communities become self employed and strengthen the economy. They also provide resources and funding for special events, workshops and more. Sponsors are a crucial part of keeping Goth craft shows and festivals alive and vibrant. Your donations will be used to help cover expenses such as online advertizing, venue costs, music and live entertainment! 

Our Current Sponsors
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